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Do You Understand Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is an extremely popular way to earn an income online but before you start and before you enter that industry, you have a few things you should know first. Affiliate marketing is not all that it is cracked up to be. If you don’t watch out, you could be building a business that isn’t sustainable or isn’t very profitable.

Here are the top six problems with being an affiliate marketer.

– You’re at the mercy of the product creators.


If you find an affiliate product that you like, you’re at the mercy of the product creators if they want to change their approach to the market or they stop selling the product. Overnight you could be without an income stream and have to go back through and change all of your affiliate links.

– You can’t offer support for the buyers.


If you send someone to an affiliate page and they purchase the product, you can’t ensure that they are receiving the product the way they should or that they’ll get the customer support that they should. Since you aren’t the product creator you can’t be sure that they are receiving the product intact.

– You can’t brand yourself as a niche expert.


When you promote someone else’s product you become a spokesperson for them and not for yourself. You can’t become a well known expert in the niche if you are someone else’s spokesperson.

– You won’t be able to develop back end income.


Once you send traffic to an affiliate offer, that’s it – you’re done with that customer and you have no chances of earning money on their purchases in the future. You can’t upsell, downsell or present a one time offer to your traffic because they have moved onto the affiliate sales page.

– You won’t have any leverage for joint ventures.


Without having any clout in a niche, you’re going to have a hard time exploring other money making opportunities like working with others in joint ventures and creating new joint venture products.

– You will be competing with all of the other affiliates out there.


Smart affiliate marketers pick products that are doing well for others, but that means that they are all in competition with each other. If you join their ranks you’ll be scrambling for traffic just like they are. There is a solution that gives you all of the benefits of promoting affiliate products without these major problems…

If you create your own product you can build your own list and brand yourself as an expert within the niche. You can also add backend affiliate products into the mix by promoting them through your own product. You’ll position yourself as different from all of the other people online who are promoting the same products. Creating your own product and then promoting affiliate products on the backend is the smartest way to be an affiliate. You can have the best of both worlds with all the benefits of affiliate marketing and none of the troubles.

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