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The Purpose Of An Advert

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The Purpose Of An Ad

The purpose of an advert is to get the right person to click on it for the sale. So how do you write that successful ad? The ad creates the interest while your capture page convinces them to buy. The most important point to remember is generating that profitable click.

What Is the Purpose Of Advertising?

Listed Below Are The People You Want To Avoid:

  • Tire kickers
  • Time wasters with lots of questions that never take action
  • people looking for freebies

You want the people who know what you are offering and are genuinely interested in learning more. The goal is not to get as many people to your capture page as possible but to get that small group of people who want what you are offering and are willing to take action. You will get fewer clicks but better quality ones.

It is also important that the message in your ad is congruent with message on your capture page. People see your ad want to know more they click on it, land on your capture page and are lost. For example you are selling yellow socks in the ad but once they reach you capture page you talk about red socks. You do not want a disconnect between what you ad says and the page they land on.

So What Should A Successful Ad And Capture Page Have:

  • A headline that grabs their attention, sets the tone words like How to, What would, Do you.
  • Ad body clearly states the offer, training, information or a product
  • Qualifies them. What would be expected of them.
  • That is truthful. You want a satisfied customer who will spread the word about your product or service and how it has helped them.
  • Talks about the benefits of buying or joining. What they get for taking action.
  • Has a clear call to action as in “click here” if you want more information
  • Your message from ad to capture page is congruent.

Have You Good Copywriting Skills?

What it comes down to is your copy writing skills and knowing who your perfect customer is. You know their problems and pain and you offer them the solution. A good resource for learning how to write good copy is Dan Kennedy’s The Ultimate Sales Letter.

In summary the purpose of your ad is to find that right person who is looking for what you are selling. No matter what it is a product, service or information. Fewer higher quality clicks are certainly are more profitable than a large number of low quality clicks from people who are just surfing the internet for something to do.

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