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How To Make It On Clickbank

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Those who sign up as CB affiliate marketers are aiming to quit their day job and get rich with ClickBank affiliate marketing. They would probably expect one miracle or magic trick to happen in order to get rich with CB. Actually, there is no such tricks to make lots of money with ClickBank. The big difference between one successful CB marketer and those who fail is their dedication.


While the internet world changes rapidly due to advance technologies, it doesn’t mean that all things changed. In fact, the fundamental still remains the same until to day. As long as you understand the basic part, it should be no problem to make lots of money with ClickBank. These are some basic rules:

Register one domain name for each niche that you are promoting.

Some people are afraid to waste their money on domain name and hosting. Well, you shouldn’t. In fact, if you are promoting four different products in different niches, you should create four different websites. Register one domain for each site.

Product reviews is great to improve your conversion rate and make the money. By providing reviews, people will understand why they need to product. You may include other users’ opinion about the product as well. Third party reviews is great to eliminate the barriers that stopping people to buy.

Email marketing is great to boost conversion and make more money.

Don’t call yourself an internet marketer if you don’t have mailing list. Top gurus and super affiliates are raking six figures per year because they have a huge list. Based on research, one visitor will tend to leave the website without buying anything. However, if you provide opt-in form, at least you can keep reminding them about you and your products.

You need to provide them reasons to sign up. For example, offer free reports, videos or perhaps free software. Don’t forget to mention that they can stop subscribing anytime they wish, and you also respect their privacy. Once they sign up, send them your offers, whether it is free course, free reports, videos or webinar. Then, send them promotional emails once in a while. The key to making lots of money from your list is to build credibility and relationship with them.

Learn to gain targeted traffic from search engines like Google or Yahoo.

For start getting traffic from search engines is the best. The quality, conversion and the volume of traffic that you will get from search engines is very high, compared to other sources like Twitter or forum marketing. One proven way to drive targeted traffic from Google is by posting articles on targeted keywords to websites like Ezine Articles or Squidoo.

All you need to do is post around three to five unique, outstanding articles every week. These articles will be pasted all around the web, giving your website a massive exposure.

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