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Turning Them Negatives Into Positives Within Marketing

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Turning Negatives Into Positives

Thinking of new and original sales marketing ideas can be hard, but this article suggests a few you won’t of ever thought of and a way to generate new ideas of your own. Have You Thought Of…?

Is Las Vegas The Sin City?

Turning a negative into a positive? Las Vegas, Nevada, had gained a reputation as a “sin city”. After a failed attempt to promote itself as a family resort, tourist revenue was slipping. To combat the decline, the city started marketing itself as naughty but nice with the slogan “What happens here, stays here!” and revenue hit new highs. You might not have such a dramatic image issue with your business, but what about trading on the fact that you are small and personal, so your customers can avoid the negatives of dealing with huge multi-nationals?

Are Logos Really Important?

Using a logo which is simple and memorable? One of the most successful logos around is the simple “swoosh” of Nike. Recognisable at a distance, and known worldwide, it is so simple that Nike can use it to build any image they like.

Offering a reward system to your regular customers? Think of the coffee shop chains which offer a card, which you get stamped each time you visit, so you can exchange a fully stamped card for a free coffee. Very cheap for the coffee shop to provide, it takes quite a large spend before the customer can claim the freebie, yet it will sway the customer to choose the same chain again and again where they might otherwise have a wide choice. Be careful if you try this system though – make sure that you keep control of the blank cards and the reward stamp when not in use – or you could find a lot of unexpected claims!

Posting a short video about your business on YouTube? Make the video interesting and, ideally, amusing and try to appeal to as many people as possible. As well as attracting potential new customers you will gain visibility for your brand across a wide audience.

Giving your knowledge away? You know a great deal about your business and the industry you operate in, which is potentially valuable to other people. Without giving away any real trade secrets, make your site more informative. Let potential clients know how you can help them business wise, or benefit them personally. If you can, let them know a few “tricks of the trade” to show them what you sell.

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