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Twitter is a social networking site that enables users to create accounts in order to increase the list of followers. Marketers use this form of the social networking site in order to promote the products and services of an organization.

Do You Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool?

An entrepreneur can use this form of promotion as a marketing tool for the purpose of increasing the number of subscribers who are known as followers. It equips an entrepreneur to encourage the customer loyalty of an organization.

Twitter is a social networking site which is used by an entrepreneur to promote the articles and website of the company. You get an opportunity to post the link of your article in this account. As a result, the articles gain maximum exposure as they can be read by your followers. In this way, one can encourage article marketing for the purpose of earning popularity over the Internet. Th

The Importance Of Search Engine Marketing

This can also be used as a search engine optimization technique. The search engine robots search for the links that point to a particular content posted. For instance, if you have prepared an article and you want your followers or fans on the twitter to read, you can post the link of the article content on the account.

The Search Engine Robots

The search engine robots will crawl on the content of the account. With more number of visitors visiting the link of the article, the search engine robots consider the content or the article as relevant. As a result, a marketer can establish the online presence of an organization. A person should attract those people towards the profile on this site who are interested in the nature of business of an organization.

In other words, the followers should be your potential customers with some kind of an article the products. Such persons can be added to your list of you can. You can even increase the hits on your blog by posting the link of your corporate blog. The followers can visit the blogs and post a comment related to the product or a particular service. One can popularize the company website by posting the link on the account. All these search engine marketing strategies enable a marketer to effectively promote the online business through twitter.

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