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It took 38 long years for the radio to reach out to the figure of 50 million listeners while it took pre-cable TV 13 years to reach the same number of people. It is not a surprise that the internet reached out to 50 million people in 4 years. But it is quite surprising that Facebook took just less than nine months to add over 50 million users.

Simple marketing tricks can turn historical.

Orlando Florida’s Universal Studios launched a new attraction hinged on the Harry Potter series. Rather than going for the costly and through mass media, Universal joined forces with J.K Rowling to give a unique webinar to the best 7 Harry Potter maven fans.

Subsequently, the seven maven fans communicated their news on forums and blogs with great vigor and interest. The media caught hold of it and went with the story. However, Universal established a microsite for the press and bloggers to find out additional information about the park’s new attraction.

Within a couple of weeks, this viral marketing strategy disseminated the news from few people to more than 300 million people; indeed, it is helpful when you’ve got a reputable base of Harry Potter fans.

Interactive advertisements are the order of the day.

Currently, there is migration from push ad to pull; this is to enable users with better access, input, and control – based on trust. In the last decade, the media, as well as the information technology industries, have been moving from a conventional push ad environment to pull ad (interactive ad).

Remember when advertising content dominated is being translated into a process of democratization. This is a process where superior content is interacted by rating it or sharing it. The method offers consumers with better control and influence to recommend products and services to their peers.

The result is that trust is being created between the customer and the seller. Trust is an essential element in business that achieves loyalty and repeats business building.

Trust is a vital element that seals the relationship, and it is established by enabling interactive participation in the process of communication and collaboration. The recommendation of a good pal is compelling and also trustworthy. With a blend of your imagination and creativity, you can use viral marketing techniques within social media channels. But you need to understand that capturing the importance of people is part of the mission, the other part is more challenging.

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