Network Marketing, 3 Little Secrets

When you first join your network marketing company you are usually taught the traditional way to sponsor new people into your business. The traditional way entails you talking to your family and friends, who is considered your warm market, and then expanding into the cold market. The cold market is when you begin to approach complete strangers using something called the 3-foot rule. In the traditional way you are chasing after people, or prospects as they call them. When you are hunting people like prey there is a large chance that you will face rejection more often than not.

During the years before the internet was a way of life this strategy to recruit worked very well. Now that people, all over the world, use the internet to get information at the push of a button it is not very feasible to recruit the traditional way. Three ways that you can recruit more people into your organization are by sending solo ads in newsletters, pay per click advertising and branding yourself. These three strategies will give you the most bang for your buck and will allow you to work less and get paid more.

Solo Ads

Did you ever have great information handed to you? about a topic of your interest and you liked it so much so that you joined their mailing list so that you could receive updates about that topic? Well there are tons of people on the internet who subscribe to newsletters. A newsletter usually goes out once a month to all the subscribers. So if you placed a solo ad in a newsletter you have the potential to reach 1,000 to 2,000 people at one time. That is the real definition of leverage. Talking to that many people in real life takes time? Using this strategy you could sponsor 5-10 new people into your business in 24 hours. No hunting, just results.

Pay Per Click Advertising

When you search for something on a search engine such as Google or Bing you get two types of results: organic and sponsored. The organic results are on the left side and take up the majority of the page and the sponsored results, which people pay to have advertised, show up on the right or at the very top of the search. An ad campaign on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing or Yahoo is a great way to attract people to you. You place an ad that appeals to a certain type of person and when those people see it they will find you. This is also more targeted traffic, because they fit the profile of your ad

Branding Yourself

Branding yourself is a way to recruit more people, because people are attracted to people, not business opportunities. Remember when you joined your company and you heard all the success stories and you wanted to be just like those top earners? I bet you even thought to yourself you wish one of them would have sponsored you. Well that is how you want people to think about you. When you are recruiting don’t talk about how great your company, compensation plan, or product is. Instead talk about how great your team is and how working with you will give them the best training and support. You want to brand YOU, not your company

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