Being New To Affiliate Marketing

What happens when you put a real way to make money online in front of an internet marketer that is searching for just the right formula to success? You get a marketer that has gone from rags to riches in a very short time. I love to see ambitious people better their lives and the lives of their family but it could cause you hardship if you do not find that information fast and educate yourself online. Here is how you can do this for very little money invested. You need traffic to your promotions and you want it for free.

The best way I know as an affiliate marketer is to find an area you are interested in that you would like to promote and then go to sites like ClickBank or amazon.com or commission junction or eBay.com. Input your idea into their search boxes and more than likely you will see a product you can promote that reflects your interest. You will need to register as an affiliate before you can use their service. Once you have your product go to Google’s external keyword tool and type in your idea. You will get words and phrases that you can use as keywords for article marketing to help you bring traffic to your offer. Check the search volume in Google’s external keyword tool and find searches that are over 3000 searches a month. Then run a check in Google on that keyword that gave you that search volume to see how much competition there is for that keyword. It will tell you something like 1 in so many affiliates promoting using that phrase so the lower that number is the better it is for you from a competition point of view.

When you’ve researched a list ofkeywords with low competition write a short article about 350 to 400 words that incorporate those keywords in your article. Your main keyword should be used in your title and in your body of your article and in your resource box. Try to make your resource box a question something like this, “Do you want to know more about this information then check out my site at http:// yoursite.com.” Research a good domain name for yourself, you will need one, for most article directories as they might not accept affiliate links for insertion into their directory. You can buy a domain name you like from sites like GoDaddy and have it redirected to any affiliate product or service you promote through a process called domain forwarding or you can buy domain names that are linked to the product you are promoting. Lets say you are promoting red shoes so you make your domain something like best deals on red shoes.com

For every product you promote you can make a corresponding domain name that targets the buyers attention that is looking for a solution to their problem and your red shoe domain name might just be what they were looking for. When marketing your product or service think as the buyer not the seller and tailor your articles to solving a need or problem for your reader.Their is a realistic way to systemize all this info into a simple formula that can be used as a rinse and repeat method.

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